Beautiful Bodega Bay during the Corona virus….

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I was in Bodega Bay yesterday.  For those guests looking for places to visit that are still isolated from crowds, Bodega Bay is a wonderful alternative.  My pup and I took a beach walk (2 miles out/2 miles back) and the weather was WARM…hardly a breeze…and the ocean air clean and refreshing.  I cleared my head and went home feeling uplifted.

We have cancelled existing bookings thru April for guests uneasy about travel. Our homes are open for guest stays after April 7.  We have gotten some cancellations but just as many ‘repeat’ guests familiar with our homes have stated their enthusiasm in visiting Bodega Bay. If you're healthy and wishing to get away while still feeling isolated, give us a call.

A bit of info about our homes….  We own them. We’ve been renting since 2001 in Bodega Bay and are a licensed LLC.  I personally do ALL the cleaning and as an Ex-RN germaphobe….I’ve NEVER been worried about my family or immunosuppressed families staying with us over the years.

My cleaning has ALWAYS been thorough and guest reviews back 20 years attest to our homes immaculate caretaking.  I’ve recently added a bit of info on cleaning to help NEW guests feel confident about their visit…

Cleaning: I’ve just painted and done a deep cleaning in the home. I do the cleaning and everything gets a good 4-6 hour scrubbing after each guest. As an Ex-RN germaphobe, I’ve never been worried about my family or our immunocompromised guests spending time in our home. I use Spray9, Bleach, Windex, etc and have always used Clorox wipes to wipe down knobs, switches, remotes, handles, counters, etc. Laundry is thoroughly cleaned & beds are triple sheeted. I always have baby wipes and Clorox wipes in the pantry for guest use. I wish my own home stayed so clean…. The only changes I’ve currently made are that bedspreads (dry-cleaned each season) have been removed and replaced with washable coverlets after each guest. Triple sheeting still done…all linens sanitized. In addition I’m allowing 2-5 day gaps btwn stays & opening up the windows/sliders during cleaning to let in the clean crisp coast air. Hot tubs have always been sanitized btwn guests and chemical levels checked routinely.  Questions on cleaning…don’t hesitate to ask. 

Bodega Harbour Golf & Bistro are still open for business and have increased their cleaning procedures if guests are wanting to golf.  I did see perhaps a dozen golfers spread over the Fairways.

Last minute stays welcome (2 days advance notice requested) where available. Take care & be well